Video transcription

Hi there, my name is Isabelle. I am a Nutrition Consultant in the Tampa Bay area and today we're going to learn how long it takes to detox the body. Well, there's actually several answers to that question because it all depends on how toxic you are to begin with. For example, if you eat a lot of fried processed foods, drink a lot of sodas and a lot of coffee, never exercise and smoke; alright, I'm taking the extreme here but, it maybe you; then chances are, you are very toxic. Or, if you exercise on a regular basis, if you drink a lot of water, you eat organic food and you have good night sleep every night, then you're less toxic than the first person I described. So that would be the first thing to take into consideration when you think, "Okay, I want to do a detox." A program here, how long should I look for one. Or, you know, how long should I wait. And the second thing is, it depends on the method of detoxification that you use. There's a lot of them available, you know, cleansing detox, in terms of the food that you're going to eat; what supplements you may take; concoctions of different teas, herbs that you may drink. So all that plays a role in terms of the length of the detox program that you're going to choose and how long it will take to actually detoxify your body. Personally, I use a twenty one day cleansing program that I get from Herbalife International and what they have, they have two different kinds of tablets. Tablets for the morning and tablets for the evening. And actually you start the program in the evening; the evening tablets help detoxify and get rid of toxins and the junk out of your digestive system. And then the morning tablets help replenish the good enzymes in your body and I combine this by drinking throughout the day some herbal aloe vera juice which helps also replenish the, the body with the good enzymes and cleanse the body. It's an extremely gentle detoxifying program and I actually do it four times a year at every season. I travel a lot and I live in an area where the air is, not necessarily very clean, with lots of cars, so there is a lot of toxins around me and in the food that I eat, I'm sure there is some residues of some pesticides as well. So I do mind four times a year and it's extremely gentle which is why I choose to do this one. So I hope you learn something new today and that will get the chance to speak to each other very soon. You take care.