Video transcription

I'm Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, board certified dermatologist and author of Six Weeks to Sensational Skin. This clip is about skin problems in the elderly, and I would say one of the very most common problems that we see in the elderly is what we call pruritus of the elderly, which means itching in the elderly skin. And commonly this comes from the fact that as we go into those older years our skin oils have really dissipated tremendously, so that older skin tends to be less well lubricated and as that happens it can produce a lot of itching. So if you yourself are finding that your getting into your golden years of life and your skin is possibly a little bit dry and definitely itchy, then I am going to recommend to you that you try one of the over the counter moisturizing lotions. There are some that are even called skin calming lotions there are good products from Aveeno and Eucerin, and good luck to you. This is Dr. Loretta Ciraldo.