Video transcription

iHi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today I am going to talk to you about what Power Point is used for. Power Point can be used for a lot of different things. You can be giving a big presentation to a prestigious audience. You can be an instructor in a class room who is teaching students about specific topics. You can use it to show pictures from your vacation to your family. Basically anything that could be shown in slide show format can be done with Power Point. I am going to show you just one example here in Power Point of how to create a picture slide show. Let's go to our computer. We are going to open up Microsoft Power Point by clicking on the start button. We're going to go to Microsoft Office. Let's just open up Power Point. Now it's very easy to create a picture slide show. I'm going to title mine Hawaii. I am going to insert a new slide here. As you can see there is a second slide. I'm going to click on insert and picture. Lets just grab some of these pictures from Hawaii. Go back to the home again and start a new slide, insert picture, and here is the military cemetery in Hawaii. Now home, new slide, now insert a new picture of the International Market Place in Waikiki. So lets go back to the beginning and click on slide show from beginning. Now I can press the space bar to go to the next slide. Now there's the airport garden and I can also press the right arrow key. I can press the left arrow key to go back to the previous slide. So as you can see you can use Power Point for many different uses, whether it is displaying text or images even video's to your audience. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just talked to you about what Power Point can be used for.