Video transcription

Alright, how to put bait on a fishing hook. Now when you're working with hooks, you always to be careful. Unsecure your hook from your rod. In this case we got a container of Canadian crawlers. Now take your worm, some situations you're going to want to cut a night crawler this size in half, in some situations like if you're fishing for large mouth bass, you're going to want to use the whole crawler. Now if you're fishing for bass, the best way to put this on the hook is to take him from his head and now you don't have to get the point of the hook directly in the top of the worm, you can go off to the side about a half a centimeter and then you want to thread the point of the hook through the worm without it coming out until you get to the point where it will cover the whole shank of the hook like this. And there you have a very classic large mouth bass setup. Another method for hooking up a night crawler is the ball method. In this way you just want to hook him, hook through the worm several times. The idea with this is that the fish is going to come and inhale the worm in one single bite.