Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to get rid of rampant brambles. Now, bramble bushes are just blackberry bushes that have just taken over. They are an invasive weed. They're a wonderful fruit when they're contained and they're in control, but in natural areas all over the country and the world, especially in the northwest of America, the brambles or the blackberries are taking over, and they're killing all the vegetation. So when you've got a property or you've got an area that's just being taken over, you have to have a lot of patience to get rid of 'em. And basically, there's no way to get rid of brambles without cutting them down. Make sure you have steel-coated gloves and thick coat, and every part of your body is covered up, and you just gotta start hacking. Now, we've also used a propane tank with a flame burner. And as long as you use a lot of safety, and you don't live near any, really, populated area where there's a house right next door, and you live in the country and you can do it in the winter when it's not going to take over and create this large fire, the easiest way is to take a flame burner hooked up to a propane tank, and just burn 'em to the ground. And once they're to the ground, you have to pull the roots up. And there's no way to get rid of 'em without actually getting the roots out of the ground. And they're much easier when they've died back. Another rule of thumb, too, is once they're cut back, even if you don't have a burner, you can add just a little bit of bleach to the center of the plant, or a little bit of vinegar to the center of the plant. And there's also all kinds of chemicals, but I still don't recommend using any of them when you have the other materials in your house already. And, still...and pulling 'em up is the best thing that you can do, 'cause even one little piece of bramble is going to reproduce. And, saying that, once you've tried to lift 'em all out by hand, a lot of times the seeds will still be there, and they might still come back. So you've got to keep pulling for years later. And, another easy trick to get rid of 'em is to cover 'em up. Trim 'em all the way down, and put some nursery cloth down, put a raised bed over it that's contained. And they will not work their way out. And, the seeds will be there for centuries, so eventually, if you ever lift that back out, they might grow again, but it's about the only way you can deal with them. Either cover 'em up or pull 'em out by hand. There's really no other way.