Video transcription

How to wear a men's sarong? Well, men sarong is a, just are really unisex; sarongs are very unisex. There is no male or female; so I think when it comes to male sarongs, you would maybe want to choose one that has more of a male look to it. So maybe a black or blue or something with a, some kind of a male print on it. Those would be choices that I would choose for men's sarong. And as far as wearing it, there is really only two ways that are typically worn as far as sarongs and we'll show you the first easiest. Of course, here being your sarong, you're just simply going to take it around the waist and tie it up. You can tie it in the front if you'd like or tying it off to the side. Either way, you do want to make sure that it's secure. Usually for the guys they tend to pull out their lovely shirt there and wear it over it. And once again, you might want to take it off to the side, just simply, if there are no shorts underneath, you'll want that to the side and if you're wearing something underneath, you can wear it more frontal, gives a little bit more of an easier walk, if that makes a difference for you. But really they are just that simple and of course if you are on the shorter side, you're going to want to cut your sarong down and if you are on the taller side, you might want to look for a larger sarong. But typically, they're just one size fits all. So that's an easy, easy way right there. I'll show you one other tricky way. This is kind of a more jungle way to wearing it. You simply just want to fold down that, that one side corner, taking it around to the back. This is very much like putting on a diaper, tie up the front there; you're going to want to add that stuff in the back, just simply adding it all up together and tying it together. This is definitely one of those areas that's nice to have a larger one versus a smaller one. And if you need to, you can tie it up a little bit higher; but just simply giving yourself that diaper as sarong look is another very male way to wear a sarong. It's a little bit on the shorter side but, definitely more on the authentic side for those beach wearers.