Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to go over some instructions for silk flower arranging. Now, silk flowers come in every shape and size, and pretty much any plant that's natural is now made into a silk flower arrangement, or you can buy them by silk flowers. So there's a few rules that you should follow when you're making some silk flower arrangements, and I always tell myself, or when I'm trying to decide, always make sure that the vase tells you what to do. So if you have a large vase, and small little silk flowers are just going to sink, whereas if you have a small vase and large silk flowers, they're not going to show up either. So make sure that you have your silk flowers in a vase that's going to really show them off, and the trick is less is more. It's better to have just a few flowers that really show off, than having a lot of flowers that get lost in the shuffle. So, here's a few rules. So if you have a small vase, you only need a few flowers, and just by having one or two flowers in a vase, you can have a nice little arrangement, and it looks really good, and you don't need much more than that, whereas if you have a larger vase too, always make sure that you put your flowers in groups of threes or fives, or odd numbers. So, for example, in this one I'm using three red glads, and then I'm going to use three white glads, and it's always good to use more than one color, or lots of colors, or complementary colors, because if it's just one color sometimes they get lost too, or if it's a lot of colors too it's not as pretty or effective as just a few. If you've got a tall flower that's more linear, it's always nice to have one that's more circular as well, because you want to mix and match, and then that way all the different flowers will show up. And you want different textures and different colors, but you'll see just by adding a few plants, it'll look really pretty. And I've found too, don't be afraid to try new things. For example, just one peacock feather within a group of flowers just adds so much. So less is more when you're arranging your silk flowers, and they will last for many, many years. You can always throw them in the shower and clean them off if they get dusty, but you'll find that you can get your silk flowers to last for as many, many years and you can enjoy them, in your home or in your office.