Video transcription

Hi. I'm Tim Gipson and I'm going to talk to you about how to make cuts with a miter saw. And what we're typically doing when we're cutting miters is you know I just got a sample piece of molding her and we're going either cutting inside corners or outside corners. And what we'll do is just for practical purposes we'll talk about 90 degree corners. So for cutting an outside corner what I like to do is I like to go ahead and make an angle so I know which way I'm cutting my molding. So if I make an outside corner I want to cut it like that. Now there's a couple of ways that we can do this and the miter box you have your forty fives set up both ways. You have a forty five on an angle and then you have your straight cut. Now the angle cut like this would be used for molding that you lay flat down that might be a little bit wider. But for molding that will work up and down these are the best ones to use. So what I do is I would line up my line, hold the molding flat against the outside surface. And the reason I am choosing this side is that all your teeth on the miter saw face forward so you're making your cut when you're pushing forward. So you want to have the piece braced against the far side. So we'll line up with our slots and go and make our cuts. There. As you can see it makes a pretty good cut. And if I wanted to use this same piece to check the corner. Now we start if you have a little trouble starting you pull back and that will start your saw. There. So you can see I'm making that angle and make a nice 90 degree outside corner. And then if I'm cutting an inside corner where I drew the line this way if I'm doing an inside corner I draw the line just the opposite way. And then I could come back and cut that inside corner. So I'm Tim Gipson with how to use a miter saw to cut angles.