Video transcription

Hamburger breaking up? I'm Jawara the Chef and I am going to show you how to make a hamburger patty without it falling apart. First of all start with fresh ground beef. Never use frozen beef because frozen beef has moisture in it and your ground beef will break up. You can get your fresh ground beef at your local super market or your local butcher. I like to use 80% lean. It holds together good and it has a good flavor. Some people say to put an egg in your ground beef or bread crumbs and that is a meatloaf. We are working with a burger. Always wash your lands before you start handling the beef. The best way to make a good patty is not to handle the meat too much. Then you start putting it on a plate and you start portioning it out and everything, try to handle it as less as you can so it won't break up. Now you put two hands on it, spin it around and get all the edges together then you just pat it out. Look at those perfect burgers, 6 ounces apiece and now I am going to take my saran wrap and cover them, put it in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes, get them nice and firm, and then these bad boys have been chilling for about 15 minutes. Now I'm getting ready to take the saran wrap off of them. I am Jawara the Chef and now you know how to make your hamburger without it falling apart. I'm Jawara the Chef and that's what I am talking about.