Video transcription

I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. How to get rid of earwigs. Well, I'll admit they're not the best looking of insects or anything else for that matter with that little hook that they have on their back and the brownish color that they possess. But earwigs are actually a beneficial insect. That's right, beneficial. They eat insect larvae and pill bugs, slugs and snails, so they actually are a benefit to us by what they feed on. Now, they do smell a little bit and they are ugly as we've already stated, but they are a benefit to our gardening because of eating the insect larvae, the pill bugs, slugs and snails. However, if you really need to get rid of 'em, and wish to clean the property of earwigs, you can do so with citrus oils, orange oil specifically will work really well in taking care of that problem for you. But remember they are a beneficial insect and they will do more benefit for you than by you getting rid of 'em. By the way, just because they're called an earwig, they will not attack your ears.