Video transcription

So how does one calculate minutes per mile? Hi I'm Jimmy Chang. I have been teaching college mathematics for nine years now and we are here to address that topic and calculating minutes per mile is like saying how many minutes will it take for you to cover one mile worth? Now it has a lot of the same ideas as miles per hour the only difference is that 1) you are talking about minutes and 2) whereas miles per hour involves the miles being compared on top this time it is the minutes the time factor has been compared on top. So here is a typical scenario. Suppose you were given that your speed is 30 so obviously that implies that it takes 30 miles for one hour of driving time. Now you can actually express that as a ratio fairly quickly but remember you are shooting for minutes per mile. So what you want to do first is take one hour, put it over 30 miles and then your objective is to have minutes per mile so what you want to do is you want to convert the hours into minutes. So what you want to do is create another fraction. Now since you want minutes at the very end you put minutes always on top and then for hours because you want to convert from hours, you want to get rid of hours, hours would be the denominator. Now you and I both know that there is 60 minutes in one hour so just put the numbers where they belong. For minutes there are 60 four hours, it is one. So as a result the hours will cancel and the minutes will be remaining and you multiply the numbers across. So you have 1 X 60 which is 60 minutes over the 30 never changed. So you have 60 minutes over 30 miles and you can reduce the two numbers. 60 divided by 30 is going to be 2/1 so basically you will know that it is going to be 2 minutes per one mile. So the summary here is that 30 miles per hour is going to give you two minutes per mile. In other words it will take you two minutes to cover each mile. So I'm Jimmy Chang and that is an example as to how to convert to miles or minutes per mile.