Video transcription

I'm Bill Elzey with Show Place Lawns. How to reseed bare patches in your lawn. First thing you should do is rake out the bare areas, clean it from debris and then dig that area up a little bit with a shovel get it nice and loose. Then come back with some compost and soil, kind of mixed together a little top soil mixed with some compost, a little sand maybe in there as well and throw that in the area. Rake it over nice and good so you have something for a seed bed. Then taking the fertilizer spreader which is an ideal tool for reseeding as well as fertilization and put the seed in there, change your settings so you got a nice thicker coverage for that spot. And push your fertilizer spreader across it getting the seed to come out in the area that you just prepared. Once finished with that just drag the fertilizer spreader wheels along or walk on the area to pack the seed in the soil and start watering it. That's how you reseed bare patches in your lawn.