Video transcription

My name is Becky Sosa with and I'd like to talk to you today about how to decorate a wedding hall. A wedding hall is any place that you plan on getting married or having a reception. This can be anything from a bowling alley, FW hall, church reception site. So most of these places aren't necessarily the most prettiest places so you want to find ways to draw focal points into making it wedding related. Some tools you can use are organza, fabric, Christmas lights, you can find them year round, floral, you can use floral swags like the one I have up behind me here and tulle. Any of these things will help create that wedding feel and draw it together. You can use the lights wrapped in the organza, you can lay them out and wrap the organza around it and you end up with a starlight or twinkle effect that can go around cakes or underneath tables and just a nice little effect. You can use the flowers to drape around your tables. Anything that's going to draw your eye to the tables to the wedding related items and away from the things in the hall that may not be wedding related. These are just a few tools and a few ways that you can use these fabrics to decorate a wedding hall.