Video transcription

Hi, I'm Noah and today we're going to learn how to put music on an SD Card. This can be practical for a lot of reasons. For example your phone might have an SD card reader or you might even have an MP3 Player where you can insert an SD Card. So there a lots of reasons why you do want to put some music on an SD Card and then be able to play that music with some sort of other device. So first start by taking your SD Card out and inserting it into your integrated card reader on your computer. If your computer doesn't have an integrated card reader, then you'll need an external card reader like this one. Often, this can read several different formats of cards. So if you have an external card reader, simply insert your SD Card into the card reader and then plug in the card reader for your USB port. Now that we've inserted our SD Card directly into the computer, where that we've inserted the SD Card into a card reader and connected the card reader to the computer, we can select the music files which we want to copy on to the SD Card. Here we've put them in a music folder on the desktop. So just select whatever files you want to copy with the mouse and then you'll press control and c on the keyboard or go to edit and click copy or you can right click directly on the songs and then select copy from the pop out menu. Once we've copied the files, we just have to open our card from My Computer which would be found quite easily by this icon. Now that we've opened the card folder, we can then create a new folder to put the music in by right clicking on some blank space and selecting new folder or we can paste the copied songs directly on to the SD Card without putting them in the specific folder, either by pressing control v or going to edit and then selecting paste or by right clicking on some blank space and selecting paste from the pop out menu. There we go, we've now copied the four songs onto the SD Card. Now we can just close that folder and before removing the SD Card, it's important to remember to go into the right hand side of your desktop, on the bottom and first select to safely remove hardware icon. Simply double click on that icon and then a pop out will open in which you can select stop on your USB mass storage device, in other words your SD Card. So once you've clicked stop, simply select okay to confirm and then it will be safe to remove your SD Card from your computer or to remove your card reader. If you don't have an internal card reader in your computer, then you'll need an external card reader to insert your SD Card into.