Video transcription

Hello, my name's Leonardo Martinez and I'm at Legendary Beads in Austin. Today I'm going to show you how to make beaded jewelry. Today we're going to be using two crimping type tools. One is the mighty crimper, which has two gullies. And our magical tool, which has little balled form, makes a two millimeter crimp in to a ball. First you take this in, add your spacers, just kind of spin those on, add your crimp, and your clasp. Add in your clasp back through your crimp, we're in about half inch, cinch it back, nice comfortable loop, and let's use our magical tool. Magical tool fits, crimp right in the middle of the ball groove, and smash. Should come out with a little ravioli, right angle turn, and make that in to your two millimeter ball. And I kind of like to tap that, make sure it's nice and round. Fit your two spacers through, if the beads go through there that's great, if not, go ahead and cut excess off perpendicular. Take all your slack out. You want to make sure you don't do it too tight or else it will be a kind of funny shape, so nice and relaxed. Add your spacers, spin those on, good, crimp, extend your chain back through your crimp. You always want to allow a little bit more room to work with so your not fighting this end. With your two nosed pliers, go ahead and pull the excess out, and nice comfortable, relaxed, go ahead and crimp. This time I'm going to use my magical crimpers, I'm sorry, my mighty crimpers with the two gullies. Inside first, make an indention, right angle, and the rounds it. And I kind of like to tap it just to make sure it's secure. Last cut, cut perpendicular, pull up on that, snip, and this is how you make beaded jewelry.