Video transcription

Hi, I'm Amelia, and I'm here to talk to you about a few techniques you can use for straightening your hair. When you're applying the relaxer, you can actually apply it with your hands. You want to make sure, of course, you're wearing gloves. And a lot of people like that, because you can really smooth that hair out, and make it a lot smoother. It's just easier to work with your hands. Another technique is using the back of a comb, and just sort of brushing that relaxer on, and really just pulling out that hair, because really what a relaxer does is it softens those bonds in the hair, and then when you apply the neutralizing shampoo or the neutralizer, depending on which type of relaxer you use, that's when the hair actually hardens back up. So whatever shape that you put that hair in, that is when really the neutralizer is one of the most important steps, cause that's what finishes off that relaxer. So you can use a comb with it, and apply it that way and smooth it out that way. Another thing you can also do is, let's say you're trying to reshape your hair. You're not really wanting a completely straight look; you're wanting maybe a little bit larger curl. You can also at this point right before you apply the neutralizer - it won't work with a traditional relaxer because a traditional relaxer you're shampooing in, but with a non-traditional or ammonium hydroxide based relaxer, that's got more of a traditional neutralizer that you would actually apply like this. You can put your hair into rollers, and that will add some nice bend to your hair, and give your hair a little bit more lift, because sometimes people feel like when their hair is first relaxed it's really flat, especially if you're used to having a lot of curl. So whenever, you know, you're relaxing the hair, you're really just going to want to make sure that you're careful with it, and you're using your hands or a comb. You never actually want to comb the hair, though, because when you comb the hair with the relaxer on, you can rip and pull at that hair and cause a lot of breakage. So whenever you are relaxing the hair, just make sure that you use some of these techniques and you'll get a great result.