Video transcription

When considering how to select a Doberman Pinscher consider first is this really the breed for you. Are you going based on look or what you've heard about them, or do you really know more about them? Talk to people who have Doberman Pinschers, and really enjoy them, and do some research. There's a lot of information out there on the web and in print to find out more about the breed. In very general terms, and of course individual dogs will vary, they are not terribly friendly to strangers. They tend to be more guarding and protective dogs, very easy to train in general, and fairly affectionate dogs, so you, again, would want to experience individual dogs and find out which one is the right one for you; keeping in mind is this dog going to fit into my family now and in the future. Hopefully, this dog would live fifteen years, and so that's quite a commitment. The other thing you should consider is when you're out to purchase a puppy consider purchasing from a reputable breeder; someone who breeds on a small scale, focusing on the health of the dog and the temperament of the dog, breeding a good solid Doberman Pinscher, rather than one simply breeding for beauty or for money. And another consideration would be to adopt a dog from a reputable rescue.