Video transcription

Hi I'm Athena Reich. I'm an actress and musician and performance coach here in New York City and we are just blocks away right now from Time Square, the home of Broadway. In this clip I'm going to talk about how can I sell my song lyrics. Say you have written a bunch of lyrics for Broadway shows and you would really like to get your lyrics on Broadway. Well there is many routes that that can take and it can be a long and difficult road but if you stick to it and you are smart and resourceful and you never quit you may just get there. One of the things that I recommend you definitely do is that you join the ASCAP organization or BMI. These are song writing unions. You can't be a member of both. You have to be a member of one or the other so it is or You can read everything there is to know about these organizations and what they have are networking events where you can go and meet song writers, meet lyricists, meet producers, they have events, they have panels, they have performances. You really need to get in there and network with people, network with other struggling artists, network with big time producers, network with everybody because you never know who is going to suddenly get their big break and you sure want to be their friend when that happens. So definitely go there and network. Another great resource is They have classes and you can better your craft and network with important teachers and also with other artists. This is a place where you can actually join and create an account, advertise your lyrics and you can submit to their gigs listings and there is actually places where you can submit your songs for considerations for film and TV and to composers and to agencies. is an excellent resource. This has been Athena Reich on how do I sell my lyrics?