Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we are going to learn all about how to grow sedum spectabile, which is a gorgeous stone crop from China and Korea. So sedum spectabile is just a kind of a ground growing, ground covered type plant that is found natively in China all the way through Korea. So it can handle quite cold temperatures down to zone 6 to 10 so that's even below freezing down to even zero degrees. So it's pretty hardy and it can grow in almost any climate. Now it's a sedum that's evergreen so it keeps its green foliage year round, but what I love about it, is that in late summer, it sets off big blooms that are bright pink that look almost like statice or statice, and they're just very gorgeous, you can almost dry them they look really good, with lots of seeds. So the best place to plant your sedum spectabile is in full hot sun with really good drainage. I've got some in some gravel with some dirt in with the gravel so it has something to grow into, but they do almost well with rocks alone. So you can start them by seeds, you can save the seeds off the gorgeous blooms, or you can actually just take divisions, any part of it as long as you got part of the root you just stick it back into the ground and it will grow. And even saying that, you can take a branch of it and just cover it with some dirt and it will just grow right out of the dirt and be very lush. They never want to sit in water, that's one thing I've learned about my sedums, they're almost like a cactus except they like a little more moisture than that, but you still want to pretty much dry them out between watering them. In the heat of the summer make sure you give them lots of water because sometimes in full hot sun they actually get sun burned. And they'll grow in almost full shade as long as it's warm and it gets a little bit of filtered light. They're a very versatile plant that's great in the garden.