Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to learn all about scotch heather or calluna vulgaris. It's a beautiful evergreen shrub that's from the Mediterranean into Turkey and the Caucuses. Scotch heather is from eastern, southern Europe, so it can handle quite cold temperatures. So, back in history the Scots found the heather and then brought it back up to Scotland, which is north of England, and it grows really where really well there as well, cause' it can handle quite cold temperatures. Scotch heather can go down to zone four, so they can do in even minus twenty degrees so they can handle quite cold weather. And I love em because they look like a little evergreen or a tree, but then they have little pink or white flowers like this one does. And this is a calluna vulgaris carita, and it has white flowers in August through September. Well, it's November right now, and it's still blooming. It's a beautiful plant; I love it. So, it's related to Erika too. There's other plants that are very similar, but different than the calluna vulgaris. They like full hot sun, and good drainage like all shrubs do, and you can start em' by seed or you can get em' by container, or just by any division. As long as there's a root and there's a stem it will grow. And it can handle cold temperatures, and it'll stay evergreen in the winter, so it's a beautiful, gorgeous shrub for your garden.