Video transcription

Now we're going to tame an octupus. We need to put in a fan relay. And we're just going to choose a good looking location for it. We've got these automatic wire strippers; they peel the insulation off without damaging the wire. We solder every connection in this shop. I feel that's the only way to be able to do good, safe guarantee-able work. The reason you install a relay is it removes some of the voltage load from small circuits in the car. So when the electricity is needed to the fan, it trips a heavy wire instead of having to run heavy switches everywhere. That's a shrink fit connector there, after he soldered it. Look how fast he can tape that wire. He does that to make everything neat and clean. Now just choosing a tidy location for the relay, always make sure you mount them correctly, there is a right side up, they fill with water if you put them in upside down. They shed water if you put them in right side up.