Video transcription

This golden flower which is a type of coreopsis is just the most delicate plant as you can see the foliage is delicate, the flowers are delicate and it has been like this for about a month now. It would probably continue to grow for another month it is one of those plants that just grows and get bigger and bigger and then you can divide it in half, move it wherever you like. It is very easy plant to grow, it doesn't demand much, it fits in very well with other flowers in your garden. Here is even a little grass that I have just put in here to. Foliage plants makes it look everything just kind of brightens up a little bit with this coreopsis that is in here. So for that reason I have it in several parts in my garden, wherever you might have a dark corner. Like this one is actually a shady spot right here, I have it in a sunny garden and in the sunny garden it does just as well to so you can put it in shade, sun, wherever you would like. It doesn't demand as much attention but it is always a success.