Video transcription

In this video clip we will be making our drawer fronts. Our drawer fronts will be made out of solid oak boards and to get our sizes we need to take a few measurements. From my top 3 drawers I have an opening of 8", now I want my drawer fronts to over hang a 1/2" on each side, so my height of my drawer front will be 9". The width of all of my drawers is 28" if I leave a 1/2" on each side my overall width will be 29", overall my top 3 drawer fronts will 9" x 29" and my bottom 3 drawers fronts will 11" x 29". Now since our drawers are fairly large it's not a good idea to go out and buy say 11" wide board and just cut that up and use that as a drawer front, because it could have a tendency to bow. I went ahead and cut up some narrow boards about 5 to 6 inches and then I'm going to glue those together to make a big board. Now the panels that I've glued up consist about 3 to 4 boards and I should be able to get 2 drawer fronts out of each panels. Once you glued it up you want them to sit there for about 24 hours. Now that our boards have dried for 24 hours we can go ahead and remove our clamps. To size up our drawers fronts we first need to run them through the joiner, next we cut them to the correct width on our table saw. After that I'm going to run them through the plainer and get them down to size. Lastly I need to cut them to my desire length.