Video transcription

MAN: Now I'm going to show you how to use the get directions option in Gmail, and this is, of course, one of the most useful, probably the most useful, thing you might be using Google Maps for is to get directions somewhere. So it may seem pretty simple but I'm just going to show you everything you can do with this. So of course, starting out, you want to know your start address and end address, and you don't have to be too specific, so I'm not going to be. I'm just going to type in some cities and then get directions. But of course, you type in the addresses of wherever you're going. So you can see over here in my search results, the step-by-step directions come up. And then over here on my map, I just have my route. It comes up right here on the map. So there's some cool things about Google. The get directions feature, say I decided that maybe I want to stop in a different city on my way there. I can go to this "add destination," and then I can add a destination to these directions. Say, you're in a different city, then I add it. And you see it changed my route, and now I have a from-Austin-to-Dallas directions and from-Dallas-to-College Station directions. But--say, just one thing, I can minimize these directions right here and I can see all my destinations like that. And you can see that A, B, C corresponds to the map. Let's say I want to go to College Station on my way to Dallas and I just entered it wrong, it's real simple to change that. I can just drag and drop and change directions like that. And you can see it adjusted my map too. Another way to change directions is say I'm looking at the map and I know I don't want to take this highway, I can just click and drag and pull it over and all my directions over here changed and my route on my map changed. So that's just a really cool thing that they added. I can also alter my destinations by clicking and dragging them. So I'm no longer going to College Station, I can drag this to a different town or wherever I'm going, and everything is updated right over here. So that's pretty cool, and it also has the avoid highways information right here. So that's also something you probably want to think about. And if you want to print these out, just go over to print and then it will bring up a printable view and also will automatically print it. Then you'll just print however your printer works, but it will bring up just a nice big view of the Web page you're looking at so you can see everything. So that's how you use the get direction feature in Google Maps. And just remember, you can do lots of cool stuff with this. One other thing I forgot to mention, if you just--you can click on a step and it will show you--like this is like if I'm going to have to turn somewhere, turn left right here, you could click on it, and it will bring up a small little pop up of what that looks like. I can zoom out or in on that, switch my views. So that's how you use the get directions feature in Google Maps.