Video transcription

Now I'm going to show you how to use the Wii Shop Channel. It's a really cool channel. It's where you can buy the virtual console games, which means you can download the old games from the old Nintendo systems. It's also where you download WiiWare which is stuff like new channels, like the News Channel or the Everybody Votes Channel, that kind of stuff. So the Shop Channel looks like this. Just click on it and it'll start. You do need to be connected to the Internet for the Shop Channel to work. It's going to have to load because it's connecting to the Internet over my wireless connection that we setup. Here we go. So you see they've got some recommended titles here, and these are those virtual console games I was telling you about that you can buy. Looks like they've got some info. The catalog updated. The virtual console games, Nintendo, what they've been doing is they've been updating it like every week, adding a couple. So now they've got a good amount, and they'll be adding more and more. The new Wii Gifting Option is new. There's also the Photo Channel's available, the same, and Game-play video preview is now available. We'll see what that says. I believe you need to go to, but then you can see all the different things that are available. So, to start using the channel you just click on the 'start shopping' button, and then here you've got all your options: virtual console games; WiiWare; add Wii Points, which I'll talk about in a separate clip; you've got your account activity; titles you've downloaded; and you can change your settings, if you want. And just take a quick look at that. You can set it up so you can accept gifts. You can remove your account, and you can setup your My Nintendo settings. So that's the basic overview of the Wii Shop Channel.