Video transcription

And today I’m going to talk to you about changing your printer’s ink cartridges. When your printer runs low on ink you might find it necessary to change the cartridge with a new one bought from the store or ordered from your manufacturer online. To remove an old ink cartridge, first make sure you’ve identified the proper cartridge to be removed through system utilities. Next, you want to open your lid of your printer. Usually it’s very simple. Don’t force it if it doesn’t feel like it’s going to open. Make sure that there’s not a catch a little button or release that might have to be pressed first. When removing an ink cartridge, usually there’s just a little button next to the cartridge as it will allow you to pop the cartridge out of place. Since this one actually still has ink in it, we don’t need to replace it but if it were empty you’ll be able to tell mostly, well in cartridges like this, you can see the level of ink left. This one’s still relatively good we’re going to put it back in. Inserting a cartridge either reinserting one or putting in a new one is fairly simple. Just slide into the previous cartridges slot and insert. This one this printer indicates that the cartridge that has been successfully inserted by blinking and you can also hear that little snap sound when the cartridge is inserted. So once you’ve put it in, just close the cover and wait for the printer to recognize the new cartridge and you should be set.