Video transcription

I'm going to talk a little bit about how to use a pump when you're experiencing engorgement, or blocked ducts. There's several different types of pumps you can use. One is hand pump, and this would pump one breast at a time. This one's by Medela, it's called the Harmony. It's a nice soft shield there. And the way this works, is you can start by doing this, which is the letdown phase, and move on to this one, which is the nutritive cycle phase, or you can just use this one, just by itself. So you know how to put it on your breast, and just pump away. And if you're doing this for engorgement, again, you're just going to want to do this for one or two minutes, just to get the breast a little bit soft. If you're doing it to help relieve a blocked duct, you're going to want to do it, and then also provide some massage to your breast at the same time. The other pump that you can use is a double electric pump, and this one plugs into the wall, and runs off of a motor, and you have both breast shields that you can use. And this is what it is. It comes in different types of carrying cases; this is the backpack version. You just go ahead and turn it on, and then you put the breast shields on, and hold them onto your breasts. If you're just doing it for engorgement, or to relieve a blocked duct, you're going to only do it, again, for just a few minutes. And you can also do it in--singly too, you don't have to use both sides with a double electric. So I hope this helps relieve your blocked duct and your engorgement with a breast pump.