Video transcription

Two pairs of slacks; I've decided we need a third. These are capris. Obviously, not long enough for the ends to extend on either side of the case. So, I am going to fold these up and just fill in a gap right there. Kind of works well. Now, the next segment we're going to be talking about hanger packing. Actually packing the items with the hangers on them to pack right in the case. I 'm going to start with remember we had our coordinated items. Place them on the table. I'm going to pack another item right over it. When you're using hangers and you know you'll be packing with them; it's always a good idea to use a skinny flat hanger as opposed to a round hanger. They will sit on top of one another easily and they don't take up a lot of space. They won't give you the same bumps on the edges because they're flat. Okay. We're going start the same way...folding it on itself, not a lot just a little because we don't want to create too much bulk on the edges. Fold in, but it's going to give us enough that it's almost going to produce like a rolled effect. Come right up, fold it in half. Actually, you can go in half again which kind of gives you that rolled affect, good for lack of wrinkles. Take the hanger...and it also gives you room to place right in the middle. Hanger towards the outside edge. We're getting there. We're going to continue on as we continue to load. Stay tuned....