Video transcription

Hi! I’m Stephany from Stephany’s Simply Sewing. Let’s continue with showing how we put in a continuous lap. We’ve already stitched our line around our slit that we’re going to make and made a slight squared off end. We’re going to go ahead and cut down the center between our stitching, up until almost but not quite those little end box stitches that we made. The next part is to take our continuous lap, which is just as simply as strip the fabric and we’re going to pin it on. What is going to be fun to do is we’re going to take this and we’re going to make sure that it is flat when we pin it, so it takes a little bit of engineering. First of all, we’re going to pin our ends and then we’re going to pin our middle. The trick is when we sew it we’re going to do a little bit of fabric manipulation in order to not have this little fold in it. It can be done and it is doable, but you’re going to look at this and think how on Earth can I possibly manage that. It’s all in how you sew the seam. Okay, we’re going to start our seam, and we’re basically going to sew pretty close to where we had our stitching before. When we get down to our point here where we have this little bit of a fold, we’re going to slow down with our needle down in the fabric, lift our presser foot, and manipulate that fold to be back behind the fabric then continue sewing. Once we’ve gotten that done, we will take it to our iron and press the continuous laps so that we can continue with the next portion of our insertion of the continuous lap. That is part 2 of how to put in a continuous lap.