Video transcription

Hi! My name is Shawna. In this clip, I’m going to demonstrate how to do an elastic waistband similar to something you’ll find on underwear or children’s skirts. This is just a batiste piece of fabric, and if I were doing a skirt, or let’s say underwear, this would be closed. So let’s say I created that back seam. I could serge if I wanted to, that’s easy to do. What I want to do is see how much elastic I need, and I don’t need a lot of elasticity in these types of things, just enough to pull in what I need. I’m just going to sew this together, and I could sew if flat too if I wanted to. Do a French seam, anything like that. I just want to tack that down, and then I pin that to the back, but because this is so small, we’re okay. Start in the back, and tack that back. I do want to edge stitch; I’m going to get as far to the edge as I can. I’ll get started just a bit, and then it is probably easiest if you…on a big project, if you pin it so you know how much to go from one edge. I usually pin the front, the back , the sides, and then in between each of those. Then once you get back to around the other side, it’s a bit easier to pull back because you know where you’re headed. Just keep that right at the edge. Keep that elastic pulled. Again, this is great on little children’s skirts and if you’re doing underwear. It makes for a cute little finished touch.