Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jennifer Cononico and we are back with Expert Village on our lesson on learning how to type. This keyboard has a lot of different keys up here but for the sake of this lesson we are not going to go over all of them. But what we are going to learn is how to use our capital lock (there's one over here), our shift button right here and right here. Now remember our home base is the center row. F index finger left, right index finger on J. Now if we want to get it to capitalization say on the letter Q, we are going to use our right hand shift pinky ( left pinky) Q. Lets try that again, right hand shift pinky finger (left hand) pinky Q, try that with a W. Shift ring finger W, shift middle finger E, shift and hold the shift button down, R shift hold the button down T. Let's try that all at once. We are going to hold the shift button down letter Q, release hold the button down W, release hold shift down E, hold shift down R. Now to do the opposite side we are going to use this pinky finger for these letters on the top row. Shift hold it in letter Y, shift hold it in index finger letter U, release finger shift letter I, release shift O, shift P. Lets try that all at once, shift Q, release W,E R T next ten Y U I 0 P, thumb, space bar left hand, space bar right hand. Use your thumb.