Video transcription

This next tip will be very helpful for students. College students or people in higher levels of learning for masters, doctorates. I am going to show you how to do a search in specifically medical journals or textbooks or different type of research material. And it?s going to be done through a project of Google called 'Google Scholar'. It's its own specific search engine. The easiest way to find it is just to do a search for Google scholar. And it will come up on top. And then you can just click on it and go right to it. You'll see that when it comes up it really just looks like Google. But it's its own specific search engine. It's only searching in these textbooks and medical journals and different types of research periodicals. So therefore when we put in a search term for, let's say the term 'cognitive psychology', then it's going to only do the search within these different types of textbooks and journals. We see that these are searching in books and we have different types of magazines or periodicals that deal with research material. This is a good way to find specific information especially when doing research and so forth. This is a really good way to find items that will appear only in these books and periodicals of higher levels of learning.