Video transcription

DAVID A. CLEMEN: All right, so it's almost finished but we can still go back and pull areas out that we see are some wrinkles, for example this one, and put one here--no, I'm going to get this at a better angle. See, I've got some wrinkles there so I can do this staple here, come back down to this end, and if I pull that tight, you'll notice I just got rid most of those wrinkles and so. There's a couple more here, but if I go back you can actually continue to do it until all, every wrinkles are gone which I suggest. Now, to finish the corner of--oh, there goes the pane. Basically, what you're going to do is you going to pull down into this corner. You're going to pull both sides, and I'm trying to get my hands out the way here. And you want to put one right in the corner, okay. And once you do that, you have all these excess here, and it is like, "What will I do with all that?" You don't need a whole lot of it. And there's different ways to do it, but I'll just trim off a little bit here, and then it's almost kind of like tucking the end of your bed or so forth. You just want to tuck it, pull it back, and then, once you get it there, you just staple it down. And so now, you got a nice neat corner, and you want to continue to do that around all four corners. And that's how you stretch your fabric artwork.