Video transcription

Hey! It's Alana Pratt, your sexy mom expert. I want to talk about the importance of mom time. I know that if I'm operating on fumes and overwhelmed, I am not a good mom, nor do I feel very sexy about who I am. I have this rule with my son. He cannot come into my room until 7-0-0. It's on his digital clock in his room, but I didn't tell him or else you'll be in trouble. I told him in this new way. I said I'm looking for patience and kindness, and if you come in before 7-0-0, I might not have any patience and kindness, but if you come in after 7-0-0 I promise I would have found it. You would have helped me to find it. When he does come in I am open and joyful and grateful and hug him and we cuddle. He does jujitsu so we do jujitsu on the bed, we read a book, we have a great morning, but I use that time between 6:30 and 7-0-0 to meditate, to do a little dancing, to just have some quite time and journal just to get my head straight of what's going to go on for the day so that I can be this open hearted amazing mom. Be willing to put a boundary down. Mom time. Make it whatever it is for you. This is when mom exercises, this is when mom has her 20 minutes, this mom's 7-0-0. You choose, you know what you need, and make sure you make that a priority, because then you can be who you want to be for those that you love. Hi! I'm Alana Pratt, your sexy mom expert, and today we're talking about the importance adoring ourselves to feel like a sexy mom. I remember the days of being still overweight from the baby, sleep deprived, or even more recently, my son's 5 but still I just don't think I can keep it together some days. My dress is quite often a reflection of my inner self-confidence. I don't want you to think this is something shallow, not at all. When we actually take time to shower, do our hair, put on a little makeup, put on something that makes you feel like a goddess. Not what I say you should wear, not what anybody says you should wear, but what makes you feel amazing. Notice that you have confidence. Maybe in business, you'll pick up the phone and call that client you've been afraid of. Maybe you'll accept a compliment from somebody and really let your heart expand. Maybe you'll simply be more patient and playful. Definitely spend time making yourself feel beautiful. If you don't have the money right now, don't make that an excuse. Get all your girlfriends to get the clothes that they don’t want anymore together and then have a night together. Close all the all drapes, turn the heat up a bit, turn some music on, open a bottle of wine, and everybody get naked in the living room. It's a big changing room. Just start trying on some other clothes, and you'll leave that evening with a whole new outfit, maybe a couple. Give what none of you want over to Good Will so you feel generous with what you've given away. That next morning, I swear when you put that outfit on you'll feel different. You'll look different. You'll have that little sparkle back in your eye, and that will really invite your man to cherish you and love you and adore you like you deserve to be as a sexy mom.