Video transcription

To install the laser drilled soaker hose connection, we are going to need to take the barb, poke a hole in the line with a sharp instrument so that we can get the barb through the main line connection and it is a matter of snapping it in there, there you go. And we are only going to put one connection with this soaker set up. Sometimes you might use two, one on each end if it is very long. But this is not going to be so long so we are going to only hook up one connection for this little soaker that is only going to be about 3 or 4 feet long. Now to install the soaker hose on to the main line connection, it is a matter of taking the end of the hose and pushing it over the barb that is left. There is a tight fitting. It would be a lot better if it was a warmer day because it needs to seal. There we go, we got it on there. It is a matter now of laying out the line to cover the area that we are after and putting in the end plug which will keep the water from running directly out of the end of the hose and force it out the laser drilled orifices that had been supplied to supply the water in a broadcast manner.