Video transcription

I would like to talk to you about the proper use and maintenance of a yard weed eater. From time to time you will find it necessary to re-spool your weed eater. Typically from the factory brand new your weed eater will come pre-spooled with enough line to last you several times around the house but eventually it will run out and you are going to need to re-spool it, so let's take a look at how we do that here. On this particular model, you unscrew it clockwise. It is the opposite direction that the unit actually turns. This one requires that you loosen the lock nut clockwise. I was able to see that by looking at the nut. It's got a little diagram that says turn clockwise. So we will spin this nut clockwise, it comes off and it allows us to remove the spool assembly itself. You can see that this is a dual line trimmer. It has two lines, one on each end as opposed to some electrical or some other brand. It only has a single line that comes out. Dual line is a little more effective and tends to last a little bit longer and you don't have to reload as often. But to re-spool we will go ahead and take this one apart just to demonstrate that. Sometimes this can be tricky, please bare with me but if this where new line that we were using, it can only go one way and may vary between manufacturer. But there are slots inside the spool housing where the line inserts and that is what holds the line to get started to wrap around the spool. Again, it can only go one direction. Okay, now it holds it for me and that allows me to insert into the housing. You might have to do it a few times to become familiar with it but it definitely takes patience. It can be frustrating sometimes. So those tabs that we looked at earlier that are holding the line, we've got them coming out through the holes. Now I am going to pull them out from those little tabs.