Video transcription

Today we’re installing a new toilet. You’ve already cleaned up the area and gotten it all prepped and assembled your toilet. You want to take the toilet bolts and slide them into the hole right here and put them on the side to where they’re just about lined up with each other. Right there. It doesn’t matter, they’ll turn, but they will lock into place. Take the new wax ring- don’t touch the wax, because you’ll get it everywhere. Peel it off and you’re going to lay it this way. Now what I do is I take the bolts and I lightly press it into the ring like so, so they don’t move around when you set the toilet over it. You can also put the wax ring on the bottom of the toilet and do it that way, this is just the way that I do it, everybody has their preference. And then you’re just going to grab your toilet, slide it over first- real gently on the ceramic tile. Grab it right here and you just want to lift it up in place, lining up the bolts as you set it down. Then you’re just going to rock it back and forth real lightly, twist it a little bit so that it will seed in with the wax until it comes in contact with the tile. And then you’re just going to take- there’s a little white washer, just slide that over the bowl. Push it over, down, and then pull up on the bowl, and then push it down…push it down all the way against the porcelain. When you’re done on both sides, then you take a washer and put that on it. Now when you tighten these down, you don’t want to over tighten them because you will break the toilet. Just tighten them about half a turn or three quarters of a turn once it takes a pair of pliers. So just hand tighten it on both sides. And then, when you have all that done, you want to reconnect your supply line. This one is still ok- you might want to replace yours when you replace your toilet, and tighten that with a pair of pliers as well. And that’s how you would install a toilet.