Video transcription

We are doing a kitchen remodel, and we’re installing the sink. We have replaced one of the supply lines, we have the sink in, and the supply line is connected to the outlet valves. Now we’re going to install a dishwasher drain. You put it on the side that is closest to your dishwasher and then you run the drain over from the dishwasher, and connect into this little side hose right here. Put on your piece, make sure you have a gasket on it, and tighten it down. It’s a rubber gasket so if you turn it it should be fine. Just make sure its tightened after you turn it. The other side has one for a stopper, this being a vintage kitchen sink. Most kitchen sinks don’t. You want these two lines to come out, you want them to meet and drain down into what you call a p trap, which is just this. It’s made up of two parts. We’re reusing the plumbing from the existing kitchen sink, but you want to put new gaskets in. Always replace the gaskets. If you have to use the old ones just make sure its really tight. You want it to drain into one pipe, and then into the p trap. In other words, this piece would connect with this piece, which drains into the p trap, and then it goes down into the floor. That’s how you would do the plumbing on a kitchen sink remodel.