Video transcription

In this video clip, I will be discussing how to set your proper amperage. When you are sending the amperage on your welder, this welder has a turn dial with a pointer that will tell you what amperage you will be welding at. A lot of people ask me what amperage is best and it really depends on the thickness of your metal as well as what size electrode you are using. Typically the amperage is first set by the electrode size, so with this particular electrode, it has the diameter of an eighth of an inch. So with the diameter of an eighth of an inch, you want to take the decimal equivalent and set your amperage at that. So the decimal equivalent is 0.125, so you would want to set your amperage at 125. Now once you start welding if it is not turning out how you want it to, you can always raise and lower that amperage until you get the type of weld that you want.