Video transcription

I'm going to show you how to clean and maintain your oven. Self cleaning or not, one of the first steps for your oven is going to be taking out the racks and cleaning them. For taking these out, you want to gently slide them out and for purposes today I'm just going to show you right here on the oven you can certainly clean them while they are in the oven. But you want to make sure to not ever apply too much pressure to the oven door. So we're just going to take our sponge and wipe these down initially. If they are very dirty and you have baked on like cheese or something, then you can also use some dish washing liquid. It's probably the easiest if you do this in the sink or on the counter top. If you have them in the sink, then you can use the regular dish washing liquid to clean these. Perhaps the scrubbing side of your sponge if you have that so you just want to make sure and get all of your junk off of these before putting them back into the what will soon be the next clean oven.