Video transcription

Hi! I am Drew Finn. We are going to talk about how to clean and maintain your refrigerator. We are going to clean underneath the fridge now. One last check, make sure the power is off, the light is off, so the power is off. Now as you notice, this is where the air is sucked in from the room, goes through the compressor of air conditions. It is like an air conditioner but it sucks air in from the room, heats it up, shoots it up at top, and that is how the they cool it down enough to refrigerate things. If you notice dust on the surface here that is from the dirt in here. We have got a lot of dust on the inside. Remove the grate, now usually they just snap off. I am taking this one off so I do not know, but we just pull on it and it is going to come off. Sometimes you can open the door to get these off and on, but we have got the grate out. Actually they have put instructions in here.