Video transcription

Hi I am Drew Fendy, master home inspector. I have been inspecting for over 24 years. Today we are going to describe how to install an electrical receptacle. Here the tools you are going to need to install your electrical receptacle. A stripper for the Romex wire. These are strippers for the individual conductors. Needle nose pliers can be used for bending wire or cutters also. Then alignment wire that is good for cutting and also for twisting of wires. Have a standard screwdriver, electrical tester, which everyone should have anyhow and it will tell you if it is wired correctly in any outlet. An AC test will tell you if the electrical wire is electrically hot. Sheetrock knife for cutting into the Sheetrock and we have a hammer. The electrical box that we will be using and we have here a fish for fishing the line through the wall. You could also use a close hanger.