Video transcription

In this segment we’re going to talk about the one type of anchor that we’re going to use. Now a lot of us go in homes and we see this really, really cool shelves up but they put these they install them with these like little cheap plastic mollies you know the ones that you drill a hole in there and then you stick the plug in there and you tap a little hammer and then you put the screw in there, those are cheap no good not for shelves like this so if you’re going to hang like a picture or like a little frame that’s one thing but most of the time we’ll hang up these wire shelves you’re putting clothing, you’re putting food on there, heavy stuff, in my case I got at my office I got my computers on there my printers all good stuff. So go to your local hardware store and you’re going to get a wallboard anchor screw anchor or it’s also for dry wall. It looks just like this okay and basically this screw is into the dry wall and then once it’s in there flushed you’re going to put this screw into there, like that. That’s how it works. So depending on you know what we’re installing in between there or what we were hanging up with the screw going differently or one going deeper than the other. So these will each hold about when this is in the wall flushed and you actually put the screw in there and you actually get a screw this end with the drill, there’s no need to pre-drill with these things they go right into the wall and then once the screw is in there like this you can literally hang a 30 lb. weight or the strength this will hold 30 lbs. that doesn’t mean you know hang 30 lbs. weight in it, it will kind of look little silly to see weights hanging from your wall, almost its like an art thing but it’s just to kind of give you the idea of the weight that these little guys could hold you will have 30 lbs. So that’s one of the things that we’re going to need is these little white screw anchors because this is what you want to use when we install these wire shelves. This is the proper way and it’s the safest way. So in the next segment we’re going to talk about the second type of anchor that we’re going to use that is a little bit stronger than this little white guy.