Video transcription

Hi! My name is Cathi Pare with the City of Santa Barbara Water Resource Department. We are continuing on our little quest of how to fix the leaks in your toilet. Early, earlier conversation we talked about the old fashioned Ballcock which is what adjusts the water in the back of the toilet tank. You may actually see a variety of a float that looks like this. This is much more common now and it's much easier to adjust. The old fashioned ball and rod basically; if you don't have a new one, you have to bend it to fix that which actually didn't work in the long run because the pressure of the water would lift that ball up higher and then in 6 months the water would be at a higher level than what it was before you repaired it. These new ones have a little C-clamp. You pinch the C-clamp and you move it up the pole or down the pole; it's a little harder when its not in the toilet but you adjust it by bending this and pushing it down. That will lower the water level and that is all you have to do with this particular type of float. If you have that ghost flush that we heard about earlier, the one where someone being in the bathroom and there is nobody home and the toilet is running. That's a problem with the rubber flapper seal. Quick and easy; don't call a plumber for this. It's a $3 part so do it yourself. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. This one clamps on and it has a chain going up and down. This is a soft rubber one. The chain is no longer here but it normally has a chain and that would go up and down as well. Easy to do, do it yourself, save yourself the expense of a plumber and save yourself the waste of water that is going down the drain because your toilet is not adjusted properly.