Video transcription

In this clip we are going to be demonstrating how to cut base on an inside corner with the miter saw. It is very similar to cutting the outside corner, except you will the opposite direction for cutting an outside corner, our cut will be this way on this board. But for cutting an inside corner, we will cut the opposite direction. So let us go and make our first cut, this will be the side we're going to cut, so we are going to cut like this. So we'll adjust our saw to 45 degrees because this is a 90 degree corner and we will make our first cut, here is our first cut, you see that the bevel is going this direction. Okay now we are going to cut our other piece. It appears to be the same cut but the piece I cut before I cut like this and this piece was cut in this way. Okay, and that gives us our 90 degree inside corner.