Video transcription

In this clip we are going to be discussing making 90 degree perfectly squared cuts with a miter saw. The great thing about a miter saw is that time and time again if you have this saw set to zero, you are going to be cutting perfect 90s as long as your material is firmly against the back fence and that your material straight. Let’s go and cut a piece right now. And there you have it, that’s a perfect 90 degree cut. Let’s say that this is a piece of base we are trying to install, let’s say in the kitchen and we will say that this is the cabinet that we are trying to butt up against and you could see that we get a perfect joint right there. The things are not always perfect. Let’s say that this cabinet is slightly out of square a little bit, where you can see that I have a gap right up the top, it is about 8th of an inch gap. So what I will need to do is, I will need to adjust my piece of trim that is going into this cabinet. And what I will do is, being that there is a gap at the top, if I cut it at the bottom, cut the same amount at the top that will allow me to have perfect match. So what I am going to do is cut 1/8th to nothing with the saw. So let me get my pencil out and mark an 8th of an inch. If you need to use a tape that’s fine and I have done this a lot, so I can really kind of judge an eighth by my eye and what I will do is I will slightly just move the saw out of square, that’s about a degree and a half right there, it does not take much and if you have got a sliding saw, it is really great because you can work the saw back and forth and you can see where it hits the back; you want to hit right at the edge of the back where it is really not cutting any material and at the front you want to take that 8th out. So I am seeing that I need to adjust, just a little bit less, so I am going to go about a one degree and that looks about right; so I am going to cut that. And then if we bring it back up to our cabinet and that’s perfectly squared in.