Video transcription

I'm showing you tips and techniques in solving Soduku puzzles. Our next strategies are pretty much as all else fails type strategy. This one is called Nishio. Of course, you want to be using this with fewer options. In this example here, you'd be looking for something that only has 2 different options. This one here a 5 or a 8. Basically all it is choosing a 5 or 8. As I said, this is an all else fails so you wouldn't be doing this this early in the puzzle but one farther down. Hopefully, you just basically say this is a 5 then you decide okay that's not a 5. This is an 8 so this has to be a 5 there. Just basically following it along and hopefully in 2 or 3 moves or 4 or 5. Hopefully very quickly you'll notice whether it's right or wrong or completes the whole puzzle or not. Again, it's an all else fails thing so you wouldn't be using it in this early in the example or the puzzle that you're working on. You'll be doing it when you're really stumped and there are only a few options available. Just pick one and go from there. That's the Nishio strategy. In our next clip, we'll be showing the last of all else fails strategy.