Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jeanette White on behalf of Expert Village and Piper's Quilts and Comforts located in Sugarhouse. Today we're going to be doing a cast on. You're going to need a tail for this method, and usually we calculate this by allowing about thirty inches per thirty stitches. So, one stitch per inch. I'm going to then, after I have determined how long I want my tail. For example, if you had ninety stitches, you would want to have ninety inches on your tail. That's a pretty generous estimate, but it's better you should have too much yarn than not enough. After we have determined how long our tail is going to be, you're going to make a slip knot around your fingers, and then just pull the tail yarn through that loop you just made. This effect is your first stitch. I'm going to place this stitch on my needle. The tail yarn is going to go in the front, right here. Then I'm going to put my two fingers between those two pieces of yarn and I'm going to have this tail yarn coming over the top of my thumb. I'm holding the yarns here, with my baby finger and my ring finger so that I've got some tension on them. I'm going to rotate my hand over and you can see the little crisscross right here. Scoop that up with your needle. Then you're going to catch your ball yarn that's over your index finger, and pop this loop that's on your thumb over the top. Let's do it one more time. Rock your hand over. Scoop this up. Grab the yarn over your index finger. Pull it through the loop on your thumb and cinch it up. One more time. Through here, catch here, pop this over the top and cinch it. And that's how you do a cast on.