Video transcription

Today, I’m going to show you how to apply makeup properly, professionally, and the use of brushes. There are some different foundations that we can talk about. There is a powder foundation that you can use wet or dry, and this gives a kind of a light coverage, I wouldn’t say a full coverage, but it’s fast, it’s easy. If she is a college student, she wants to throw this in her purse, the powder foundation is great, you can use it with a brush and apply it. You can use it with a sponge that it comes with, and you can apply it with a sponge, but once again it’s not a whole lot of coverage. It’s a quick on the go oil free, it is great. But if you are going to get your pictures taken, if you want a full foundation I would recommend a cream base. Mac has a really awesome cream base, Stilla, even Max Factor you can get at a department store or a drug store. You can get a foundation that is a cream base, and that is going to give you the most coverage. If you do a liquid coverage, which is what most women use is a liquid, I would say it gives to about a medium coverage. So really kind of think when you are doing the makeup, do you want to really change the way the skin looks? Do you want to give it a completely flawless look? Do you want a natural look? Is that something that is going to last all day under the lights? You kind of have to evaluate what you need the makeup for.