Video transcription

Hi, my name is Melisa Brown and you can see me on my website at I am going to be working on the calf. A lot of people have problems with their calves especially if they are runners or walkers and instead of using your fingers, I am giving you an alternative. I like to use my forearm. Not the boney part by the meaty part. You are going to go in and just lean forward and let it roll. I am not going to put any pressure on the back part of your knee because you have a couple of dangerous spots there with the arteries coming down. So I am just rolling back and very softly. I can do this on both sides of the calve and I can use both arms at the same time and I am saving my fingers. If I want to go in and do a little bit more pressure what I do is go in and I stay there and make it slower because that makes it feel like it is deeper and I don’t have to stay at just the calf I can bring it up to the thigh as well using it using it on both sides always rounding it off at the top instead of just leaving it there because it feels kind of unfinished. So if you want to do the whole leg, lighten up at the back of the knee going up towards the thigh.